Golfing with the Girls

I learned how to play golf almost 40 years ago. My brother and dad played and tried to teach me. I guess I picked it up some. When I got married I thought it would be great for my husband to know how to play so I bought him a set of golf clubs as a wedding gift. I thought he would be able to play with us and it would us something we could do together thru the years. It worked, we have been golfing together for 38 years. And I really enjoy that time we speed together. He also golfs with the guys without me, but I was never interested in golfing with a ladies group, until now.

A couple of months ago, one of my cousins joined a ladies golf league. When she told me about it I decided I would like to join her. So I did. It’s been fun getting to know a new group of girls with the same hobby.  And it’s a lot of fun playing without men around!

We play every Tuesday and some of them also play at a different course on Thursday. The girls range in age from probably 50 to 80 with varying degrees of skill level. Today I played with a couple of girls and had a blast. It was over cast with the sun peeking out from time to time and a light breeze to keep it from getting too hot. I know over the rest of the summer, we’ll wish we had that breeze and it won’t be around.

Since I broke my left arm right in the middle of the bicep last November, I have had to totally change my swing. This has been a challenge. My range of motion is not what I’m used to so I feel like I’m learning to play all over again. It does seem to have helped my drives and second shots, but being off for 5 months has really hurt my chipping and putting. Those take practice and I haven’t given them the time they need to improve. So I guess it’s time to go to the range to practice.

I hope that by playing every week instead of once a month I will improve enough that I start to really enjoy myself when I play golf. I know there will always be that bad drive or second shot in the water or that put that lips out, but if I can consistently hit it straight and avoid the hazards, I will really enjoy golfing with the girls.

I just played today and I can’t wait until next Tuesday to play again!


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