Replacing the Carpet

You know when you move into a new house and everything is nice and new and shiny, life is good.  Then before you know it, 15 years have passed and you need new flooring.  Well that’s where we’re at.

We had the kitchen vinyl and the carpet in the den replaced about 5 years ago and it wasn’t that big of a deal.  They only had to move a few pieces of furniture, no problem.  Now we’re ready to replace the carpet in the rest of the house.  I decided to put tile in the bathrooms.  I know,  who puts carpet in a bathroom?  Well sixteen years ago, most builders did.  So we had tile put in the two bathrooms.  No problem.  We only had to stay out of the bathrooms for a day and a half.  They took up the toilets and reseated them.  We had one working when they left so that we could make that bathroom run during the night.

Now as for getting the rest of the house ready, that’s like packing to move.  My husband has a lot of books and so does my son, the one that no longer lives here but left all his childhood books.  We have taken three large boxes of books to the library and packed books to keep.  We are running out of places to put things.

The Master Bedroom

We have a large water bedroom set that we converted to a Tempurpedic a couple of years ago.  If you know anything about waterbed sets, they are usually big.  Well ours is no exception.  We also have a dresser, 2 chests and an entertainment cabinet.  All with drawers full of clothes.  All the drawers had to come out and stacked in another room to lighten the furniture for moving.  The floor guys dismantled the bed and moved part of it into the master bathroom.  Part of it went into the den.  The first day, they managed to complete the master bedroom except for some of the trim.  They put the bed back together so that we could at least sleep that night. Yay!!!

The Den

When they started on the den, they just moved the furniture from one side to the other.  They didn’t do the trim, so we couldn’t put the furniture back to where it belonged.  The next morning they came to start another room and I insisted that they finish the trim in the master and den so that we could at least put those rooms back together.  Besides, we needed that space to put stuff from the other rooms.

With the Master and den complete, I’ve been able to start putting stuff back where it belongs.  I’ve thrown a lot away and as I’m putting stuff back I’m deciding if I really need it or if I should just trash it.  I think I may be a closet hoarder.

The Rest of the House

Once the den and master bedroom were done, they started on the rest of the house.  It didn’t take as long as we thought it would.  They worked late Sat and Sun to finish up.


All Done

Well they finished the floors in 4 long days.  It looks great, I love it.  My husband has decided that we should paint two of the rooms before we move everything back in.   Now our work really starts.

What projects do you have planned for this year?

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