Veranda – How it all Began

About 15 years ago we moved into our current home.  My sister n law and brother n law moved at the same time.  We were next door neighbors for six years before we moved, so we wanted the same thing in our new neighborhood.  We each bought a home in the same subdivision and we managed to get the houses almost back to back.  Our back yards share a fence for part of the yard.

Sitting on the Veranda

We each have pools, but my sister n law has a bigger patio.  It’s also protected from the sun in the afternoons. Ours gets full sun all afternoon.  In South Texas that can get very hot!  For this reason, we started sitting on her patio enjoying a nice glass of wine or a cocktail.  During the summer, we enjoy the pool, and when the sun is gone, we can retire to the Veranda!  The four of us found ourselves sitting out on the Veranda most evenings during the spring and summer with a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers.

Veranda Today

What started out as a casual evening with a brother and sister and their spouses has turned into a standing Sunday afternoon Veranda!  Since we were all depressed about having to go to work on Monday morning, we would sit and talk while we drank and ate.  Nothing excessive, just sipping a cocktail or a glass of wine.  It didn’t take long for the word to spread to our friends that we were on the Veranda every Sunday afternoon before the group grew from 4 to 8.  Everybody brings something to nibble on and what they want to drink.  It’s not unusual for other friends to drop by too.  And sometimes the kids join us!  We have had as many as 16 friends at Veranda!  It’s always fun to spend time with family and friends.

The Food

What started out as nibbles has turned into a buffet.  We often have finger foods like wings, chips and dip, ribs, chicken fingers, and that has grown into pots of Chili, Chicken and Rice, soup, and even Jambalaya.  Whatever the crowd brings.  And no, you can not have the address of Veranda!

Start Your Own

You don’t have to have a pool or big patio.  Veranda can be anywhere friends and family gather to visit.   Take it from me, hanging out with the ones you love is a great way to start your week!


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  1. Donna C says:

    Love this! Makes me happy just thinking about it. We built a porch recently and I love the idea of the Sunday night gathering to ease the pain of Monday looming!

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