Today, I am venting.

Ever get an invitation with RSVP at the bottom? Ever forget to respond? If you have ever tried to plan a party without knowing how many people to expect, you know the importance of responding to an RSVP.


Trying to plan food without a head count is very difficult. How much food do you prepare? If you don’t know who’s coming, you might not have enough. If you fix too much, you’ll have to throw some of it away.  That’s not only wasteful, it can get expensive.

It’s just rude not to respond. You don’t have to give a reason, just say “I’m sorry we can’t make it, but thanks for thinking of us.” Such a simple statement that can really mean a lot to the host and hostess.

Help Relieve Stress

Having a party is a lot of work.  Adding to that work is the stress of not knowing what to expect on the day or evening of the party.  How do you shop without knowing how much to buy?  You sent out invitations for 30 and now you’re shopping wondering – do I buy for 30 or the 15 that have responded?  It makes a difference.  When you’re planning a kid’s party you need party favors.  More expense that isn’t necessary if everyone simply responds to the RSVP.

That being said, invitations today are often delivered via email so replying is even easier. If you don’t know the answer when you first read the email, simply make yourself a calendar reminder for the next day or so. Then you can reply and move on.  Simple enough!

Remember…Respond to your RSVP’s.  It shows you have class!

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  1. Crystal says:

    RSVP. I didn’t actually understand this very well until we started hosting potlucks…come on people, a simple yes or no so we can make enough chili for you!

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