Mid Week Dinner with Friends

Well it’s hump day, Wednesday, and that means going out to eat with friends.  It’s an open invitation but there are at least 4 of us.  There are a couple of local restaurants that we like to frequent.  One is Mexican, a personal favorite, and the other is a little bit of everything… burgers, grilled fish, steak with baked taters, and chicken fried steak just to mention a few.  I better type fast, this is making me hungry.

Why Wednesday?

When we started having someone come clean the house, she came on Wednesdays.  The rule became no cooking in the clean kitchen for at least 24 hours.  I don’t always follow the rules, but some rules are not meant to be broken.  Who am I to tempt fate?  ;-)

How it Grew

One Wednesday evening, we were talking to some of our dinner group friends and told them what we were doing for dinner if they wanted to join us.  Well who can resist going to dinner with friends?  Dinner out on Wednesday isn’t as crowded as the weekend and it gives us a mid week pickup.

The Food

Are you getting a recurring theme in my blogs…FOOD!  We love to eat.  Especially with family and friends.  Laughter always makes the food better.  The Mexican Restaurant has great Fajitas Pablano.  This is a combination of beef fajitas, grilled onions, grilled bell pepper, grilled Pablano peppers, and bacon.  The bacon makes the difference.  The Pablanos aren’t hot – they just add a lot of flavor.  All of the food I mentioned for the everything place is good.  I love the grilled fish with grilled vegetables.  Tastes good and keeps me on my diet.

Sitting Around the Table

After dinner, we usually sit around and visit until someone’s ready to head home.  This gives us a chance to catch up on what our friends and their families are up to.  It also gives our dinner time to settle.  Dinner isn’t expensive and if it’s not in your budget, try just getting together for dessert and coffee.  It’s worth the time to catch up with friends.  Besides, what are you going to do at home by yourself?  Watch tv?  Friends are way more interesting most of the time.

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