German Chocolate Cake – A Labor of Love

Making a German Chocolate Cake is definitely a labor of love.  But you know, I think it’s worth it.  I’m writing this tonight because I have plans to make one this weekend for my husband’s co-worker’s birthday.  Boy that was a mouthful.  They have worked together for 12 years and have become friends off the job as well.  Along with another former co-worker, we all play golf together at least once a month.  The guys play several times during the month, but once is about all I’m good for.

The Cake

I follow the recipe inside the package of “Bakers German Sweet Chocolate”.   Over the years, I have found that it works best if I line the 3 pans with wax paper before I start.  I take the dull side of a knife and draw a circle around the outside of one of the pans and then use scissors to cut them out.

One of my mother n law’s friends once told me her secret to a light GCC.  She uses extra egg whites.  Since I have always doubled the icing recipe so that I can cover the whole cake instead of just the tops, I use those extra egg whites in my cake.

The Icing

For me, this is the best part of the cake.  The trick here is taking your time to let the icing cook slowly so that it thickens.  Be sure to cook it on a medium heat so that it doesn’t stick.  This is where it takes a little patience and time.

Once it’s the right thickness and color, just follow the recipe.  I like to let it cool completely before I put it on the cake.  This also allows your cake time to cool.  I cheat when it comes to putting on the icing.  I have a cake turn table to hold each layer so I can turn it as I apply the icing.   If you don’t have some type of turn table, just turn the cake as you go.

One trick I learned from my sister n law, is to put strips of wax paper under the edge of the bottom layer.  Just cut strips about 3 inches wide and slip them under the edge over lapping them as you go around.  This will allow you to spread the icing on the bottom of the side without leaving a mess on the cake plate.  Once you’re done icing the cake, just gently pull out the wax paper.  Be careful not to leave any under the cake.

Time to Enjoy

Well this really is the best part…eating the cake.  Since I am making this one to give away, I won’t get to taste the fruits of my labors.  But that’s ok.   I know it will be enjoyed down to the last bite.  I’ll make another one this summer for my husband’s birthday – it’s his favorite too.

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2 Responses to German Chocolate Cake – A Labor of Love

  1. deb says:

    I just want to vouch for her GCC! It’s the best ever. My birthday is in Sept. hint hint. =o)

  2. Bob says:

    Everything is better with a double batch of icing. Looking forward to you next dessert post – maybe Italian Cream cake???

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