Cruising…the best vacation for your $$$

I find cruising to be the best vacation value you will find. Where else can you get great accommodations, 5 star cuisine, and Las Vegas style entertainment all in the same place?  And you don’t even need a rent car!  What a plus.

Food and Service

If you are traveling with a group, a couple, or by yourself, a cruise will allow you to be able to do what you want.  For example, you don’t all have to agree on where to go for dinner.  Imagine a group of 8 or 10 trying to all agree on what’s for dinner.  On a cruise ship, you just meet in the dinning room and enjoy!  Dinner always includes hot and cold appetizers, soups, salads, and multiple main courses.  And the desserts, well they’re unbelieveable.

The service is always outstanding. You are waited on at all times. You don’t even have to get out of your lounge chair for a drink or soda.  Waiters are always walking around just waiting to bring you refreshments.


Now I know most people complain about gaining weight on a cruise, but that doesn’t have to happen.  There are plenty of things to do during the day on the ship to work off all the food you eat.  There is a gym and running/walking track.  Not that I have ever visited the gym except to look around, but I have used the walking track that goes around the ship.  It’s not really exercising when you consider the view and the breeze blowing while you walk.

There are pools, a rock climbing wall, basketball, shuffleboard, and sometimes miniature golf.  Not really exercise, but your doing something.  If none of these are for you, no problem.  Be a lounger potatoe.  That’s a couch potatoe on a cruise ship.

Avoid Bad Weather

One of the great things about a cruise is the way the ship manages to steer clear of bad weather.  I was in the Gulf of Mexico on a cruise while Hurricane Rita was going into South Texas.  The only way we knew about the Hurricane was the CNN TV feed.  We had sun and calm seas every day.  Being from South Texas, it was good to have the news feed to keep an eye on Rita.

My Favorite Part

I like a cruise because I can enjoy my family and friends without having to spend my whole vacation with them.  I can do whatever I want with whomever I want and meet up with others when I want.  A cruise allows each vacationer to enjoy their own vacation while also enjoying their travel buddies.

If you have never tried cruising, give it a try.  I highly recommend it.  I’ll write more on how to pick your ship and how to book your cruise at a later date.  If you what to know more, just drop me a line.

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  1. Crystal says:

    My favorite part was snorkeling in way better waters than Galveston and the awesome food on the ship! Thanks for talking us into trying cruising out!

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